genealogy of the Hoxsie family
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Deborah Babcock (1708) a witch?

Old town records show that one Deborah Babcock Hoxie who was parented by one Job Babcock and Deborah Reynolds in the year being 1706 at Kingston, Rhode Island had her life breath removed after being charged as a Paranormal and Witch. Deborah was the wife of one Joe Hoxie and Mother of 9 children and many Grandchildren resided at the Family Farm in Richmond. Joeís brother Marvin called the constabulary each time an unusual problem occurred at his home and it was investigated, but for over 3 years not a thing was done to try to find the perpetrator of the actions. Marvinís wife died after Deborah left her bedside one night and she was found to have blood in her mouth and cuts in her neck by the coroner. 7 of Marvinís children died in the following years by poisoning. Deborah had always been in the home prior to the deaths. The Sherriff tried as he might to charge Marvin with the killings and even went so far as to unearth the grave site of his wife for further investigation. The murders could not be tied to Marvin as he was not in residence for 6 of the 8 murders as he worked as a whiskey server nighttimes. Although Deborah never harmed any of her own children or husband she was arrested on minor charges and put before the judicial system. A jury of her piers all testified against her and claimed she was a witch and had paranormal habits. Although the witch hunts of old had past, many believed that they still existed in the eastern seaboard and that Deborah had trained 26 women in the ways of witchcraft at her home over the years. Deborah being of age 55 and a church goer was sentenced to death by Justice Sander Smith on the 3rd of February in the year 1761. Her punishment was not the usual hanging or imprisonment, but she had weights attached to her legs, she was put in the freezing water and she was watched drown by the town people.


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