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Spangle, Spokane, Washington



Matches 1 to 17 of 17

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 CLARK, Adella  1900Spangle, Spokane, Washington P2134
2 GILDEA, Susanna Susie  1900Spangle, Spokane, Washington P2125
3 HEATON, Florence  1900Spangle, Spokane, Washington P2138
4 HOXSEY, Francis Raymond  1920Spangle, Spokane, Washington P2142
5 HOXSEY, Francis Raymond  1930Spangle, Spokane, Washington P2142
6 HOXSEY, Harry G  1900Spangle, Spokane, Washington P2129
7 HOXSEY, Jacob S  1900Spangle, Spokane, Washington P2020
8 HOXSEY, John Allen  1900Spangle, Spokane, Washington P2137
9 HOXSEY, John Franklin  1900Spangle, Spokane, Washington P1961
10 HOXSEY, John H  1900Spangle, Spokane, Washington P2026
11 HOXSEY, John Thomas  1900Spangle, Spokane, Washington P2122
12 HOXSEY, Maurice Youkin  1900Spangle, Spokane, Washington P2123
13 HOXSEY, Robert Earl  1900Spangle, Spokane, Washington P2136
14 HOXSEY, Stacey Alva  1900Spangle, Spokane, Washington P2133
15 HOXSEY, Thomas Edward  1900Spangle, Spokane, Washington P2018
16 HOXSEY, William Emmett  1900Spangle, Spokane, Washington P2022
17 SPANGLE, Elizabeth  1900Spangle, Spokane, Washington P2031